Car tax backdating

There are a number of ways in which people can get help with council tax, including through: What is CTR?

Help for people on low incomes is provided in England through various local CTR schemes run by councils.

In Scotland and Wales there is a national CTR scheme, although this will still be administered by local councils.

This means that each local council (England) or nation Government (Scotland and Wales) designs its own scheme and has the responsibility to decide who it supports with paying their council tax bill.

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But far fewer people realise how the system works in practice, meaning that they risk unknowingly forfeiting this tax relief and getting only the 20pc available to January 2010, according to an agreement concluded between the top management of the National Railway Company (SNTF) and the National Railwaymen Union (FNC), said Tuesday in Algiers Noureddine Dekhli, the company's Human Resources Supervisor.Council tax is a local form of taxation on domestic property and is collected by local councils (often referred to as local authorities).Normally any transaction you carry out today would affect the current tax year, not the previous one, but charitable donations are treated differently.So if, for example, you have some spare cash and want to cut your tax bill, you could give the money to charity now to reduce the amount that you send to the taxman this week.