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The video above of what looks like Miley Cyrus masturbating has just been leaked to the Web.

Clearly Miley Cyrus had just finished hearing a sermon at her local Mosque calling for the destruction of the Zionist controlled West, and was so overcome with lustful desires for the day of Islam’s inevitable victory that she had to pleasure herself most vigorously.

When an actress like Emma Stone auditions for a role the first step is to strip nude and perform a cam sex show for the casting director.Worth noting: whether or not you call it "kid's lingerie" (gag), the company did link to the "girls on stripper poles" photos directly from their website, and noted the name of the celebrity kids in their garments, which implied endorsement. The great Chris Rock once said (I'm paraphrasing a bit), you know you've really fckd up as a parent if your daughter ends up on a stripper pole. The 9 year old sister of Disney megastar Miley Cyrus is reported to be promoting a (man this feels weird to type) lingerie line for children. The highly sexualized photos that appear to to promote that clothing line show children posing around a stripper pole. Most who read this post will (I hope) agree: promotional photos that show scantily clad and made-up little girls flirting at the camera from behind a stripper pole are totally wrong and sad.