Updating sql proceedure

Several statements can be grouped together to form a single transaction.Data Definition Language (DDL) commands perform an implicit commit, which also confirms all outstanding DML changes in the current session.They are not permanent until they are confirmed using the statement.

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Furthermore, stored procedures can consolidate and centralize logic that was originally implemented in applications.Now we have the primary key of the record we wish to update and the new status value. We'll use an INSERT/SELECT statement that looks like this:: Notice that we didn't need to insert a value for PKValue since it's an identity column.I used my parameter in the WHERE clause to indicate which record I wanted.In the meantime, I guess I drop and create assemblies via the SSMS GUI -- and perform DROP and CREATE operations for all the dependent functions. I hope this helps someone else without filesystem access to their servers.Assemblies and script the creation of the Microsoft. Hopefully Microsoft will make this a first-class operation in SSMS someday, but this is a fairly easy workaround until they do.